Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friend Making Monday- ABC's in 2013


I have never participated in this before, but I read them each week over at www.alltheweigh.com and I thought I would give it a whirl this week (even though I am a day late).  I used to blog religiously years ago and had lots of followers and really enjoyed it....but I stopped doing it because life got in the way.  I am going to try to write more because I remember how much fun I had before!

a) In 2001, I spent 5 weeks in Australia, I loved every minute of it!

b) I have been dating my boyfriend for 1.5 years now.  He is my best friend.

c) I have THREE cats...Cricket, Spider and Chewie and I adore them!

d) I've always wanted a dog, but am not sure I am up for the responsibility.

e) I know I need to exercise to lose weight, but I do not like it at all.

f) People always describe me as friendly.  I try to be anyway.... :-)

g) My favorite color is green.

h) I am generally a happy person.

i) I do not know what people did before the Internet.  I am not sure if it makes us smarter or dumber, but i sure love it!

j) I have a really sweet nephew named Jack.  He just turned 10!

k) I would like to have a kid someday, but as I get older, I am not sure it will happen. I have mixed feelings about this.

l) I've always been fascinated with love.   Romance and hearts and kisses.  The whole thing!

m) I have moved a LOT in my adult life.  I finally have been in a place for awhile and am digging it.

n) I lived in New Orleans for 10 years and loved it.  I love how people are there.  I left 9 years ago when my ex and i broke up and haven't been back since.  I need to go visit my second home!!

o) I wish organic produce was more the norm.  We don't need all of the toxins and wax on our produce!

p) I crave Port of Call burgers SO much.  It is a little bar in New Orleans that is the devil!  Their drinks and burgers w/stuffed potatoes are to die for!

q) My ex boyfriends name was Que.  Such an odd name.

r) My last name starts with an R.  I hated it for years, but now I think I will be a little sad to get rid of it when ever I get married.

s) I live in Sacramento.  This summer heat KILLS me..... I grew up here, moved away and then returned.

t) I typically like Tall men.

u) A year or so ago, I discovered boy shorts underwear and I can't imagine wearing anything else now.

v) Even though I like alcohol, I tend to think virgin cocktails typically taste better. :-)

w) I feel as if I am obsessed with my weight.  I think about it non stop everyday...so why can't i be motivated to lose it???   It is a HUGE frustration of mine and am to the point where I am not sure what to do.

x) I am not a fan of x rated movies.  I just have never found porn of interest to me.

y) I am 37 years of age, yet I feel like I am still in my 20's.  Does everyone feel this way?

z) My first date with my boyfriend was at the Sacramento zoo.  We really enjoying visiting zoos whenever possible.  BTW- the zoo is a PERFECT first date place, you can walk & talk and it is EASY to enjoy the date!

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Tammy Vigil said...

Green is one of my 3 fave colors.:) I also feel that I'm obsessed with my weight.:( Constantly think about it.